Monday, June 18, 2012

Quinceañera makeup

Well hello there. So, I've been pretty MIA. May and June have been the busiest months since I can remember. I had ceremonies, a dinner cruise, and more ceremonies which all led up to graduation. I am proud to say I now have a Bachelor's of Science in nursing! I decided last year that I would change careers and become a doctor. Instead of changing majors, I decided to apply to a postbaccalaureate premed program. I got in and started a week after I graduated. Thankfully, I'll be taking my premed requirements until next summer and then 2014 will be my year off - definitely needs some relaxation time LOL. Hopefully, I pass my nursing boards exam this year so I can get my RN license and work as a nurse in the meantime. So...that's what's been going on in my life. Summer classes are intense so I literally devote all my time to eating, sleeping, and studying. I work as a tech at a local hospital but I haven't been taking any shifts lately because I've been taking makeup jobs, which pay more and take up a lot less of my time (12 hours at the hospital vs 4-5 hours doing makeup). This weekend, I did makeup for a quinceanera party, which is the Hispanic version of a Sweet 16. The parent's of the lucky girl went ALL OUT. They even had a mariachi band outside.  It was the first time I was hired for a quinceanera party, and let me tell you, it is INSANE. I remember my party was the exact same way - people everywhere, freaking out about one thing or the other, the noise level through the roof, and everyone trying to take pictures. And all of this happening at 7 in the morning! But I loved every minute of it. Below are a couple shots I took and edited....


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