Saturday, September 29, 2012

September favorites

Hello there, blog world! Don't give me that look - I know it's been a while since I last blogged. School has been consuming my life. Long story short for those who don't know: graduated with my bachelor's in nursing in May, two weeks later started taking premed prereqs during the summer semester, 2 months later passed the NCLEX and became a registered nurse, 1 week later started fall semester, and 1 month later, here we are. And of course, instead of studying for a test I have on Wednesday, I'm writing a blog post. Story of my life!

Fall is officially here, but Mother Nature doesn't really feel like giving DC autumn weather just yet. This week it was an average of 80 degrees - what is this? Florida? (although I am admittedly jealous of the 24/7 beach weather in FL, don't get me wrong cc: Brikasia). So it doesn't feel right to start wearing vampy lipstick when it still feels like summer, hence the coral shade of nail polish pictured above. Let's begin shall we?

1. Smashbox hyperlash mascara - This is described as an all-in-one mascara, and it is the truth! The brush is very unique in that it has short bristles on one side and longer bristles on the other. The short bristles are great for giving volume at the root of your lashes and putting mascara on the lower lashes. The long bristles are in charge of lengthening and defining. It's a great product, I really recommend it!

2. Maybelline Color Show nail polish in coral crush - I'm a big fan of this nail polish line by Maybelline. The colors are gorgeous. The formula is great, easy to work with, and not streaky. The applicator is a bit flimsy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really like it. It's not that it doesn't get the job done, but it could be better. Nonetheless, I think everyone should have this color. 

3. Inglot AMC concealer in 60 - I don't talk about this concealer enough. If you have redness, buy this and you'll thank me later. I've used this so many times on clients and have barely made a dent in it. For only $10, this is a steal! It's creamy and super blendable. I build up the coverage using a damp sponge, blend it using a large blending brush, and apply foundation on top. Automatically eliminates any redness around the nose, cheeks,  or mouth. A holy grail product in my opinion.

4. Physician's formula creamliners - I bought this on a whim. I had run out of black liner, and this caught my eye at CVS. For everyday use, this is a great drugstore cream liner! Right now, I've only used the black. It's very long lasting, especially if you put a primer on your lids before applying it. It's not at black as others I've tried, but it's still very good.

5. Inglot AMC shine eyeshadow in #31 - This has been one of my favorite shadows all month. It's so versatile. It reminds me of MAC's Patina. It's a shimmery medium tan that can be used in both a dramatic smokey eye or a neutral daytime look. 

What have been your stand out products for the month of September?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Beauty Wishlist

Since it's my birthday next month, I decided I would treat myself to some beauty products I've been eyeing lately. Being a list lover, it only seems right to create a wishlist of the items I want to purchase. The first item I'm still debating over in my head, but I'm putting it on the list because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

I mean. It's beautiful. Neutral smokey eye colors  = the definition of me. The thing stopping me from buying it is that I told myself no more shadows - I have enough. But these are so pretty and that bottom row of colors is calling my name.  

I've never tried any YSL face products so I thought I'd give this foundation a try. It might be total hype but it seems to have all the things I look for in foundation = buildable coverage and lightweight formula. I may get only a sample first since this is a hefty $55. 

I've been looking for a higher end highlight that fits many skintones to use specifically in my kit. After seeing swatches of NARS albatross, I'm convinced I need this product in my life. At first, I never would've given this product a chance since it looks WHITE in the pan! But as I searched more blogs, I found that this highlight is  stunning! It gives off such a beautiful golden glow. It's not glittery so you won't end up looking like a discoball. 

photo credit

If I think of anything else (and who am I kidding - of course I will), I'll be sure to update this list :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Favorite look of the month ft. MAC

After using the UD naked palette for so long, I decided it was time to give some love to the MAC palette. I've been wearing this look often this month mainly because of how simple it is. The Bare Escentuals lip products are now my staple nude pink lips! Below are the products used.

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Kett fixx creme foundation
  • Tarte undereye defense corrector (sadly now discontinued)
  • Kett sett powder
  • MAC dainty blush
  • Smashbox lid primer
  • MAC brown down on the lid
  • MAC patina in the crease
  • MAC smut (a little bit in the outer corner)
  • MAC ricepaper as highlight
  • ELF studio cream eyeliner
  • MAC teddy eye kohl
  • Buxom lash mascara 
  • Buxom big and healthy lipstick in Sydney
  • Buxom big and healthy lip polish in april
MAC ricepaper and patinaMAC browndown and smut

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quinceañera makeup

Well hello there. So, I've been pretty MIA. May and June have been the busiest months since I can remember. I had ceremonies, a dinner cruise, and more ceremonies which all led up to graduation. I am proud to say I now have a Bachelor's of Science in nursing! I decided last year that I would change careers and become a doctor. Instead of changing majors, I decided to apply to a postbaccalaureate premed program. I got in and started a week after I graduated. Thankfully, I'll be taking my premed requirements until next summer and then 2014 will be my year off - definitely needs some relaxation time LOL. Hopefully, I pass my nursing boards exam this year so I can get my RN license and work as a nurse in the meantime. So...that's what's been going on in my life. Summer classes are intense so I literally devote all my time to eating, sleeping, and studying. I work as a tech at a local hospital but I haven't been taking any shifts lately because I've been taking makeup jobs, which pay more and take up a lot less of my time (12 hours at the hospital vs 4-5 hours doing makeup). This weekend, I did makeup for a quinceanera party, which is the Hispanic version of a Sweet 16. The parent's of the lucky girl went ALL OUT. They even had a mariachi band outside.  It was the first time I was hired for a quinceanera party, and let me tell you, it is INSANE. I remember my party was the exact same way - people everywhere, freaking out about one thing or the other, the noise level through the roof, and everyone trying to take pictures. And all of this happening at 7 in the morning! But I loved every minute of it. Below are a couple shots I took and edited....

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to: melt lipsticks


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Luxury FOTD

a self-indulgent duck face. for old time's sake.

After watching xsparkage's Hunger Games tutorial I was completely in love with it. This glittery gold with a red lip is so glam. I decided to recreate it and take it out for a spin. I'm also thinking of using this look for a dinner cruise I'm taking in the beginning of May. 

And, that's not all folks. I have found MY RED LIPSTICK. OCC, thank you. I'm wearing their lip tar in NSFW that I bought at IMATS yesterday. I almost didn't due to the crowds of people surrounding the booth. I am so glad I tuned into my patience LOL. I used a lip brush for a precise application and voila! I'm obsessed. 

Kett fixx creme
Tarte dark circle defence undereye concealer
Benefit Hoola bronzer
The Balm blush in down boy

NYX Milk jumbo shadow pencil
MAC teddy eye kohl
INGLOT shadows in 31, 52, 53, 62, 397
Urban Decay eyeshadow in virgin
LA Splash crystallized glitter in Renaissance
LA Splash eyeshadow sealer/base
Maybelline eye studio gel liner

OCC lip tar in NSFW

Breaking the bank: IMATS edition

Probably the best deal I got at IMATS was this fantastic 10-blush palette. You got to choose which blushes to put in the palette so I was sure to choose colors that would serve a variety of skin tones. I'm planning on using these for freelance jobs and I'm so glad I purchased this. The blushes are great quality! I can't wait to try more of their products.

I was so excited about buying this DLSH actor bag! It's a great touchup kit and travel makeup bag. It's perfect for on the go. There's a detachable magnetic palette in one compartment, so you can place depotted products in there. In the other compartment, is a detachable PVC bag with some storage pockets behind it. There's also a place to store your brushes, which I think is fantastic. 

Hands down, favorite moisturizer I've ever used. It doesn't leave any oily residue on my skin and hydrates so well. 

I finally got on the Z-palette bandwagon. Since I've started doing more freelance work, I've realized that palettes are a MUAs best friend. More travel friendly, less bulky, and you can carry more products than you normally could. I thought this palette might feel flimsy and wouldn't hold up, but the clear front lid cover is a very well made hard shell plastic. 

This bdellium brush kit was a great find. I love the pouch that comes with it. I feel like the powder and blush brushes could be a little bit softer, but overall these brushes are fantastic quality. 

At Graftobian, I bought the warm #1 palette also for my freelance kit. This is the only one I was missing for the warm series. At Kett, I bought another Fixx Creme makeup. This product has great ingredients for your skin, gives a flawless finish, provides buildable coverage, and feels light - never heavy. From LA Splash, I bought the legendary eyeshadow sealer/base and a crystallized glitter in Renaissance, a beautiful gold color. I knew I had to have this after watching xsparkage's hunger games district 1 makeup tutorial. OCC was the item I bought last because I could not stand the lines and crowds so I waited until it died down a little. This lip tar is brilliant because it really is the "perfect" red. It suits a variety of skin tones and that's a major plus for someone who does makeup!

I have been dying to try the Skindinavia makeup finishing spray to see what the hype is all about. I've never used a proper brush cleaner so I decided to try out beautysoclean's brush cleaner. I've only used soap and water and/or alcohol. From Mehron, I got the mixing liquid and a paradize glitter in blue. That blue is gorgeous and for the amount of product you get, it is worth more than it's price tag!

At Nigels, I knew I would be stocking up on lashes. I looked for the #747XS or S at several booths but couldn't find them for some reason. I picked up 747Ms, G600s, and short flare lashes that give the most natural look!

Again, with the palettes. LOL. I bought this one specifically to store depotted lipsticks. I can't wait, this is going to save me so much space! In this palette, I can fit way more than 24 lipsticks but imagine carrying 24+ lipsticks in your kit. It's just not done. I love the feel of this palette. It also has a huge magnifying mirror as well which is perfect!

As you can tell, I didn't buy any eyeshadows only because I have enough really. I avoided INGLOT because I could not stand the crowds. Inglot really has to create a better system to deal with lines because it was ridiculous. There were way too many customers and too little staff.  

I loved the new location. It was right by the water and close to the train station so it was a short cab ride for me :). 

Did you go to IMATS? What were your favorite purchases?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

IMATS NYC wishlist + TIPS

IMATS weekend is better than Christmas, my birthday, and getting into college. It's all about shopping, makeup, and art. Is there really anything better? So, naturally I got my ticket for IMATS way in advance and have been waiting for April 14, 2012 for many months now! It's my second year that I'll attend so I added some IMATS tips to the end of this wishlist :) Below are just some of the products at IMATS I want to repurchase or have had my eye on for a while.

INGLOT 4SS brush
4SS brush: I'm not really sure how I learned about this brush, but am I ever glad I did! On the site, it says it's an eye brush, but I've used it for the face more times than I've used it on the eyes. This brush is a must-have. I already have one, but I find that when I'm out on freelance jobs another one or two........or three would be really useful. ;)

Shadows: INGLOT shadows deserve the hype. The 20 palette I bought last year is hands down more pigmented in one swipe than any MAC shadow I own - no base needed.

GRAFTOBIAN I recently bought a bunch of Graftobian products for my freelance kit and I really love this brand. I'm planning on buying blushes (Healthy glow, velvet peach, for the boys, dusty rose, & cognac kiss) and anything different that catches my eye.

Aqua glitter: I just saw this being used in a makeup tutorial by makeup by eman and I officially need all of these gorgeous glitters. My college is having senior week and one of the events is a dinner cruise, so I'm planning to go all out with my makeup :) These glitters will be perfect!

I'm planning on getting some MUA kit essentials like an empty well double sided palette for lip colors, stock up on lashes, and get a mixing palette.

The DLSH actor bag is brilliant. It's designed especially for makeup artists who need a quick touch up kit that's portable and roomy. But it's also great for a travel makeup bag! I'm planning on using it for both purposes! It's usually about $50 I believe, but at the show it will be $35.

1. Don't wear heels. Just don't. Trust me on that. I wore heeled boots last year, which I painfully regretted after 4 hours of waiting in lines, walking around, and never sitting down. (If you must have heels though, wear wedges or heels you've worn for hours that haven't hurt your feet). If you're worried about what to wear, this ain't no fashion show. People are dressed casually.

2. Early bird gets the worm. The earlier you're in line, the more efficient and quicker you will get your shopping done. This tip is especially useful for booths that get really crowded like INGLOT or OCC. For me, buying lip tars at OCC was quick and painless, but for people that arrived around noon +, products were selling out and you had to wait a while. Last year, I arrived 30 minutes before it opened and it certainly paid off. I got my shopping done quickly and had the rest of the day to browse and have fun!

3. Cash is better than credit/debit cards. You will get your products faster and actually, some booths don't accept credit/debit cards at the show. This also prevents you from any issues, like being overcharged and having to deal with all of that mess.

4. Have a game plan: Have a list of things you definitely will buy. Once you're at the show, there are so many makeup products that you might feel a bit overwhelmed if you don't! Having a list will help you focus :)

5. I'm going mainly for shopping, but the student competition will blow your mind! I saw it last year when they were presenting the models with the makeup artists who created the looks. I really admire those artists. Also, taking a class or two is beneficial, especially if you take one in a topic you don't know much about. Again, being early for these gets you the best seats.

Friday, March 16, 2012

First photoshoot - inspired by the 1920s

A modern take on the 1920s.
Photographer: Josi Makon
Model: Beth
Makeup: me :)

Visit Josi Makon photography to view the shots

Friday, March 9, 2012

Making the ordinary, extraordinary

This past weekend, I did makeup for 5 college girls that had an event that night. This is the first client of 5. She said she wanted a smokey eye that brought out her gorgeous blue eyes, so I decided that purple would do just the trick.

We decided not to put any lip products on until later so that's why her lips are still bare. But overall, she was in love with her look! I used Maybelline's new pomegranate punk color tattoo shadow. I. LOVE. THAT. STUFF.

Graftobian hi def glamour creme foundation palette in neutral
Tarte dark circle defense natural under eye corrector
INGLOT AMC cream concealer in 60
Benefit Hoola bronzer
MAC brule
Maybelline pomegranate punk color tattoo shadow
Wet n  Wild Lust palette
MAC Cork
Urban Decay Naked palette for brows
bareMinerals flawless definition mascara
Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in blackest black
MAC shy girl lipstick

More pics

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My swap with Headoverpink (Karla)!

[Warning: this post has a lot of exclamation points] Swaps are the next best thing to Christmas. I love doing them with makeup enthusiasts like myself because you get to exchange beauty items that you otherwise might not have bought on your own. I've known the lovely Karla for a while (talking years here) and I couldn't be happier to do a swap with her! Follow Karla's wonderful blog, Head over Pink, for awesome looks, she also has a giveaway going on!

As you can see from above, she absolutely spoiled me. Totally. Absolutely. Most of the beauty products came in the gorgeous sparkly makeup bag:

It reminds me of Urban Decay's purple quinceñera bag. It's so pretty! 

So let's get into it shall we?

1. Bath and body works is what I live on. I work in a hospital and I have to constantly wash my hands, and they can get really dry. So I always need to have a bottle of lotion in my bag. And, of course, like every lotion BBW makes, it smells so good!
2. Duo professional eyelashes in D14: Karla gave me two of these but I had an impromptu makeup client so I decided to use one pair on her. OMG. I. LOVE. THEM. They look so natural and make your lashes look long and full. I'm obsessed. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of these.
3. Smashbox try it kit: I was just saying the other day how I had never tried Smashbox, so when I saw this I was super happy! It comes with the ever so famous face primer, lid primer, hyperlash mascara, limitless eyeliner, and a gorgeous lip gloss. I am so excited to try these products out!
4. Rimmel sexy curves mascara: one of my favorite mascara! I already had one in my collection but it was all dried up, so that's been tossed out and replaced by a brand new one :)
5. Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eyeshadows: UM. GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL. PERFECT. These deserve a post of their own, really. I literally said "Ooooh! Aahhh!" when I saw them. lol.
6. Bangin jewelry: Some really pretty earrings! I forgot to include a zebra sparkly bracelet - I had been wearing it and forgot to put it in the pic. Perrrty.
7. Nail polish: I cannot wait to try each of these. They're perfect spring colors!
8. Mirror: I'm thinking of putting this in my bag so I can have it on hand. I might sound really vain but you never know! haha Plus it's really cute :)
9. Lippies: Yay! A Revlon lip butter! and YAY! IT'S AWESOME! She also sent me a VS beauty rush gloss that I'm thinking of putting on top of the lip butter. :)

Karla also included a Roxy newsboy hat. I never have owned a hat, but when I tried it on, how have a never owned one? I love how this style looks on me! Since I obviously am not on the ball, I forgot to include that in the pic above, and a cute pair of socks from Forever 21.

So that's everything the lovely Karla got me. I loooove everything! THANK YOU KARLA!! Hopefully, her package gets to her soon since there seems to be a post office mixup. But go enter her giveaway and tell her I sent ya ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Gold video tutorial

Here's the video on how to do the look in my previous post!

Friday, February 24, 2012

FOTD: Black Karat Gold

NYX black bean jumbo eyeshadow pencil
Laura Mercier Black Karat eyeshadow
MAC quarry, cork, brule, shroom
MAC smolder eye kohl
Maybelline gel eyeliner
Rimmel glam eyes lash flirt mascara

L'oreal Colour Riche in fairest nude
Makeup Forever lab shine in M16
^My beloved. Favorite eyeshadow of all time: LM Black Karat.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Utterly in love with Sugarpill

I don't know why I was so apprehensive to purchase Sugarpill shadows. Maybe it was their bold colors that scared away my "neutral shadows" personality. I decided it was high time to try Sugarpill when they had a 30% off birthday sale last week, which saved me nearly $10. Once I received the shadows, I understood the hype. There's nothing like 'em.
Verdict: pure gorgeousness in a jar.

I purchased 3 chromalust eyeshadows, which retail for $12 each: 
Goldilux: shimmery metallic gold. It's a lot more yellow than Urban Decay's Baked or Half Baked. The color is so vibrant when swatched. 

No flash
Magpie: a beautiful metallic smokey navy blue. Perfect for smokey eyes (which I'm obsessed with). I think this is my favorite out of the three! I adore this color. I'm sure it will emphasize my brown eyes. 

Stella: The Sugarpill website states that this is the "blackest of the jet blacks." Not in my eyes. Yes, if you really pack on the color it might be, but, to me, it is not a harsh black. It creates a perfect smokey black effect. 

^With flash

First impressions: One con I can find is the intense glitter fallout. But for the color payoff and vibrancy of the shadows, I don't mind. Because you run the risk of looking like a disco ball due to the high shimmer in these shadows, I'm not planning to wear these all at the same time. Overall, I'm in love with the colors. If you're a person who regularly uses neutrals and don't have anything "out of the box," definitely give these shadows a try! 

Side note: I HATE paying for shipping. It's the bane of my existence. But I can really appreciate it when a company doesn't charge outrageously for it. A $5 flat rate shipping fee - I can do.