Monday, April 16, 2012

How to: melt lipsticks


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Luxury FOTD

a self-indulgent duck face. for old time's sake.

After watching xsparkage's Hunger Games tutorial I was completely in love with it. This glittery gold with a red lip is so glam. I decided to recreate it and take it out for a spin. I'm also thinking of using this look for a dinner cruise I'm taking in the beginning of May. 

And, that's not all folks. I have found MY RED LIPSTICK. OCC, thank you. I'm wearing their lip tar in NSFW that I bought at IMATS yesterday. I almost didn't due to the crowds of people surrounding the booth. I am so glad I tuned into my patience LOL. I used a lip brush for a precise application and voila! I'm obsessed. 

Kett fixx creme
Tarte dark circle defence undereye concealer
Benefit Hoola bronzer
The Balm blush in down boy

NYX Milk jumbo shadow pencil
MAC teddy eye kohl
INGLOT shadows in 31, 52, 53, 62, 397
Urban Decay eyeshadow in virgin
LA Splash crystallized glitter in Renaissance
LA Splash eyeshadow sealer/base
Maybelline eye studio gel liner

OCC lip tar in NSFW

Breaking the bank: IMATS edition

Probably the best deal I got at IMATS was this fantastic 10-blush palette. You got to choose which blushes to put in the palette so I was sure to choose colors that would serve a variety of skin tones. I'm planning on using these for freelance jobs and I'm so glad I purchased this. The blushes are great quality! I can't wait to try more of their products.

I was so excited about buying this DLSH actor bag! It's a great touchup kit and travel makeup bag. It's perfect for on the go. There's a detachable magnetic palette in one compartment, so you can place depotted products in there. In the other compartment, is a detachable PVC bag with some storage pockets behind it. There's also a place to store your brushes, which I think is fantastic. 

Hands down, favorite moisturizer I've ever used. It doesn't leave any oily residue on my skin and hydrates so well. 

I finally got on the Z-palette bandwagon. Since I've started doing more freelance work, I've realized that palettes are a MUAs best friend. More travel friendly, less bulky, and you can carry more products than you normally could. I thought this palette might feel flimsy and wouldn't hold up, but the clear front lid cover is a very well made hard shell plastic. 

This bdellium brush kit was a great find. I love the pouch that comes with it. I feel like the powder and blush brushes could be a little bit softer, but overall these brushes are fantastic quality. 

At Graftobian, I bought the warm #1 palette also for my freelance kit. This is the only one I was missing for the warm series. At Kett, I bought another Fixx Creme makeup. This product has great ingredients for your skin, gives a flawless finish, provides buildable coverage, and feels light - never heavy. From LA Splash, I bought the legendary eyeshadow sealer/base and a crystallized glitter in Renaissance, a beautiful gold color. I knew I had to have this after watching xsparkage's hunger games district 1 makeup tutorial. OCC was the item I bought last because I could not stand the lines and crowds so I waited until it died down a little. This lip tar is brilliant because it really is the "perfect" red. It suits a variety of skin tones and that's a major plus for someone who does makeup!

I have been dying to try the Skindinavia makeup finishing spray to see what the hype is all about. I've never used a proper brush cleaner so I decided to try out beautysoclean's brush cleaner. I've only used soap and water and/or alcohol. From Mehron, I got the mixing liquid and a paradize glitter in blue. That blue is gorgeous and for the amount of product you get, it is worth more than it's price tag!

At Nigels, I knew I would be stocking up on lashes. I looked for the #747XS or S at several booths but couldn't find them for some reason. I picked up 747Ms, G600s, and short flare lashes that give the most natural look!

Again, with the palettes. LOL. I bought this one specifically to store depotted lipsticks. I can't wait, this is going to save me so much space! In this palette, I can fit way more than 24 lipsticks but imagine carrying 24+ lipsticks in your kit. It's just not done. I love the feel of this palette. It also has a huge magnifying mirror as well which is perfect!

As you can tell, I didn't buy any eyeshadows only because I have enough really. I avoided INGLOT because I could not stand the crowds. Inglot really has to create a better system to deal with lines because it was ridiculous. There were way too many customers and too little staff.  

I loved the new location. It was right by the water and close to the train station so it was a short cab ride for me :). 

Did you go to IMATS? What were your favorite purchases?