Saturday, December 24, 2011

My swap with Brikasiabeauty!

If you've never done a swap before, I highly recommend you do one! It's so much fun! I had the best time shopping for Brianna. I first met her at the Beautylish event during IMATS NYC weekend. Out of all the gurus there, I instantly recognized her and wanted to meet her since she looked so friendly in her YouTube videos.   I always end up recreating her tutorials since they are easy to follow and are amazing looks!   She is also a freelance makeup artist and college kid like me :). I'm so glad I met her, and I cannot wait to see her at IMATS NYC 2012. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her channel & follow her blog (one of the best blogs I follow)!

When I first opened the package all I could see was tissue paper! She had wrapped everything so nicely. I am so grateful for every single thing she got me! My friend was there when I opened everything, and she commented that Brianna knew me to a tee LOL! 

Pardon the poor quality of the pictures. I have no camera at the moment unfortunately (which is why I'm writing a blog post, rather than filming a video). These cell phone snapshots will have to do for now!

1. Notebook: I'm always in need of a notebook pretty much every day of my life lol - at work, school, and when a random idea pops into my head so this is perfect!

2. Bare Minerals palette 2.0 in The Inspiration: Not only did she send me this in my favorite eyeshadow color, I have been wanting to try BM shadows for the longest time! Yesss! :) I've already played around with it and the colors are so easy to work with...I smell a tutorial in the near future.

3. Mixtape: Nobody's ever made me a mixtape! So thank you Brianna!! I absolutely love it :)

4. Minimergency kit: This is like a guardian angel in a little pocket sized purple bag. I've never had something like this but I know for certain it'll be used frequently!

5. Disposable lipstick/lipgloss 
applicators & spatulas: What MUA doesn't need disposables? These will 100% come in handy. I'm so glad Brianna included spatulas, because although using the end of a brush to scoop out product was a good technique, using spatulas will definitely be more professional :)

6. Gold earrings: These are so gorgeous! She added in the note that they would look great with the blouse, and I have to agree!

7. Peacock necklace: This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry that I now own! It's so pretty and original. I've actually always wanted to a long statement necklace like this :)

8. Teal tunic: This is perfect for spring/summer! However, belted, with my favorite cardigan, leggings, and pair of boots, I can definitely turn this into a great winter outfit :).

Thank you so much Brianna! We should do this again next year for sure!