Saturday, March 3, 2012

My swap with Headoverpink (Karla)!

[Warning: this post has a lot of exclamation points] Swaps are the next best thing to Christmas. I love doing them with makeup enthusiasts like myself because you get to exchange beauty items that you otherwise might not have bought on your own. I've known the lovely Karla for a while (talking years here) and I couldn't be happier to do a swap with her! Follow Karla's wonderful blog, Head over Pink, for awesome looks, she also has a giveaway going on!

As you can see from above, she absolutely spoiled me. Totally. Absolutely. Most of the beauty products came in the gorgeous sparkly makeup bag:

It reminds me of Urban Decay's purple quince├▒era bag. It's so pretty! 

So let's get into it shall we?

1. Bath and body works is what I live on. I work in a hospital and I have to constantly wash my hands, and they can get really dry. So I always need to have a bottle of lotion in my bag. And, of course, like every lotion BBW makes, it smells so good!
2. Duo professional eyelashes in D14: Karla gave me two of these but I had an impromptu makeup client so I decided to use one pair on her. OMG. I. LOVE. THEM. They look so natural and make your lashes look long and full. I'm obsessed. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of these.
3. Smashbox try it kit: I was just saying the other day how I had never tried Smashbox, so when I saw this I was super happy! It comes with the ever so famous face primer, lid primer, hyperlash mascara, limitless eyeliner, and a gorgeous lip gloss. I am so excited to try these products out!
4. Rimmel sexy curves mascara: one of my favorite mascara! I already had one in my collection but it was all dried up, so that's been tossed out and replaced by a brand new one :)
5. Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eyeshadows: UM. GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL. PERFECT. These deserve a post of their own, really. I literally said "Ooooh! Aahhh!" when I saw them. lol.
6. Bangin jewelry: Some really pretty earrings! I forgot to include a zebra sparkly bracelet - I had been wearing it and forgot to put it in the pic. Perrrty.
7. Nail polish: I cannot wait to try each of these. They're perfect spring colors!
8. Mirror: I'm thinking of putting this in my bag so I can have it on hand. I might sound really vain but you never know! haha Plus it's really cute :)
9. Lippies: Yay! A Revlon lip butter! and YAY! IT'S AWESOME! She also sent me a VS beauty rush gloss that I'm thinking of putting on top of the lip butter. :)

Karla also included a Roxy newsboy hat. I never have owned a hat, but when I tried it on, how have a never owned one? I love how this style looks on me! Since I obviously am not on the ball, I forgot to include that in the pic above, and a cute pair of socks from Forever 21.

So that's everything the lovely Karla got me. I loooove everything! THANK YOU KARLA!! Hopefully, her package gets to her soon since there seems to be a post office mixup. But go enter her giveaway and tell her I sent ya ;)


  1. yayyy! glad you liked everything! =) i still havent received nothing =( im going to the post office tomorrow.

  2. where is the makeup bag from?