Saturday, March 24, 2012

IMATS NYC wishlist + TIPS

IMATS weekend is better than Christmas, my birthday, and getting into college. It's all about shopping, makeup, and art. Is there really anything better? So, naturally I got my ticket for IMATS way in advance and have been waiting for April 14, 2012 for many months now! It's my second year that I'll attend so I added some IMATS tips to the end of this wishlist :) Below are just some of the products at IMATS I want to repurchase or have had my eye on for a while.

INGLOT 4SS brush
4SS brush: I'm not really sure how I learned about this brush, but am I ever glad I did! On the site, it says it's an eye brush, but I've used it for the face more times than I've used it on the eyes. This brush is a must-have. I already have one, but I find that when I'm out on freelance jobs another one or two........or three would be really useful. ;)

Shadows: INGLOT shadows deserve the hype. The 20 palette I bought last year is hands down more pigmented in one swipe than any MAC shadow I own - no base needed.

GRAFTOBIAN I recently bought a bunch of Graftobian products for my freelance kit and I really love this brand. I'm planning on buying blushes (Healthy glow, velvet peach, for the boys, dusty rose, & cognac kiss) and anything different that catches my eye.

Aqua glitter: I just saw this being used in a makeup tutorial by makeup by eman and I officially need all of these gorgeous glitters. My college is having senior week and one of the events is a dinner cruise, so I'm planning to go all out with my makeup :) These glitters will be perfect!

I'm planning on getting some MUA kit essentials like an empty well double sided palette for lip colors, stock up on lashes, and get a mixing palette.

The DLSH actor bag is brilliant. It's designed especially for makeup artists who need a quick touch up kit that's portable and roomy. But it's also great for a travel makeup bag! I'm planning on using it for both purposes! It's usually about $50 I believe, but at the show it will be $35.

1. Don't wear heels. Just don't. Trust me on that. I wore heeled boots last year, which I painfully regretted after 4 hours of waiting in lines, walking around, and never sitting down. (If you must have heels though, wear wedges or heels you've worn for hours that haven't hurt your feet). If you're worried about what to wear, this ain't no fashion show. People are dressed casually.

2. Early bird gets the worm. The earlier you're in line, the more efficient and quicker you will get your shopping done. This tip is especially useful for booths that get really crowded like INGLOT or OCC. For me, buying lip tars at OCC was quick and painless, but for people that arrived around noon +, products were selling out and you had to wait a while. Last year, I arrived 30 minutes before it opened and it certainly paid off. I got my shopping done quickly and had the rest of the day to browse and have fun!

3. Cash is better than credit/debit cards. You will get your products faster and actually, some booths don't accept credit/debit cards at the show. This also prevents you from any issues, like being overcharged and having to deal with all of that mess.

4. Have a game plan: Have a list of things you definitely will buy. Once you're at the show, there are so many makeup products that you might feel a bit overwhelmed if you don't! Having a list will help you focus :)

5. I'm going mainly for shopping, but the student competition will blow your mind! I saw it last year when they were presenting the models with the makeup artists who created the looks. I really admire those artists. Also, taking a class or two is beneficial, especially if you take one in a topic you don't know much about. Again, being early for these gets you the best seats.


  1. I'm also going that same day we should meet up

  2. very cool cant wait for imats la!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'll be at the Imats on Sunday and it will be my first time attending. Your tips are extremely helpful and I will definitely not wear heels lol